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The Best Online Courses to Take to Beef Up Your Resume

When describing your responsibilities or accomplishments, add what type of computer programs you used to perform the tasks. Then show achievements on your resume that put you on a computer skills pedestal. Writers need a skills burrito with ingredients like WordPress, Yoast, SEO, research, technical writing, journalism, ghostwriting, Google Sheets, and MS Word. Does the employer want someone who can manage cash flow, invoicing, accounts payable, payroll, or employee time?

Many of the on-demand courses on Coursera are not accredited, though, especially if you’re pursuing a certificate in a focus area such as accounting – a popular certificate for online courses. It’s backed by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, to provide an online learning library in multiple subjects including sciences, marketing, engineering and business. The site currently offers over 2,000 courses and has more than 25 million registered users. Certifications will get you noticed, if they are the right certifications. Certifications will also help you get noticed for existing job growth — salary increases, promotions and lateral moves, for instance. As an employee, you’ll want to talk to your supervisor about your company’s interest in career development services and strategic skilling that supports a company’s growth ambitions. As a supervisor, consider the improved productivity and morale that comes with employer-sponsored career development — not to mention the impact on your bottom line when employees level up new skills.

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Adding a Udemy certificate on your resume wont be equivalent to a Bachelors, but it will at least show that you have some formal training. If there are certain certifications or training best courses for remote jobs programs that are required for the position, then you should give it a separate section and label it accordingly. This way the hiring manager can easily spot what they’re looking for.

what online courses in it look the best on a resume

If you don’t use Google Analytics, look into certifications for other tools you use. For instance, Tableau, Salesforce, and Asana offer certification programs — though they may not all be free. Free online certifications are a great, affordable way to help get you noticed.

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Online learning is transforming the way we build our careers. It’s accessible, affordable and helps us boost our skills. Because of that, we’re bringing you a list of the best online courses to take to get a job in 2022. Statistically speaking, it pays off to mention your online degree at some point during the application process. In 2011, 74.5% of college graduates were employed during the same year they graduated, according to the U.S. Their data shows that only 50% of those without a college degree are employed. Ultimately, it is usually best to be forthright with a potential employer during the application process.

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  • As well, you will be taught how to complete phone interviews and be prepared for all types of questions.
  • If you see a job opening that requires a certain level of education and feel you can do the job based on your experience or skills, send your resume anyway.
  • Here’s a list of online courses to enroll to add extracurricular skills to your resume and impress the company you wish to apply in.
  • They have courses both for students and experienced professionals.
  • If you have a lot of relevant content to include under professional development – then you should separate it from the education section.

You don’t have the basic computer skills you need to get the job you want. Coding computer skills are vital for most tech jobs like software engineer or programmer.

Best Online Courses to Take to Get a Job in 2022

The job description will usually make required certifications clear. Different than honors and awards, certifications may have to be to included on your resume, depending on the industry you’re applying to. Microsoft’s certification courses are also college credit transferable and have been useful in helping graduates receive promotions to better jobs or higher-paying positions. If you choose to become Microsoft Learning certified, be sure to check out their recertification programs to stay current and keep your certifications. If you’re an employer, certifications can become a key part of how you grow and develop your teams. Internal career development is essential to employee retention.

  • Always list certifications on a resume in reverse-chronological order.
  • And if you’re in the market for a new job, these courses can help you learn something new related to a subject you’re passionate about.
  • We show you how to develop the academic skills needed to be a competent academic writer.
  • You’ll learn how to build a well-structured README that you’ll be able to incorporate into your projects moving forward.
  • Sometimes, introductory courses may make you appear less experienced because it seems that you solely have foundational knowledge.

Write down your writing goals and challenges when you start the course. You then learn through a combination of articles, videos, and critiqued writing exercises from a professional writing instructor. MiJingo also provides in-person team training such as two-day Craft CMS classes and a one-day Git Fundamentals & Workflows class. Courses range from $1,250 for online on-demand courses to $14,950 for full-time on-campus courses.

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The Advanced Google Analytics course, for example, is made up of four units that cover a variety of topics, from creating custom metrics to understanding user behavior with event tracking. The idea is to help you analyze website traffic and find ways to continue to grow your audience using new marketing strategies. Get Kickresume mobile app and have your resume stored in the cloud.

It doesn’t just focus on monotonous grammar; there are many different categories in each lesson that allow users to learn essential vocabulary for speaking conversationally. Learning a new language can seem daunting, but there are many online courses that make it fun and easy. A variety of apps and websites provide affordable, guided study plans and courses to help you with your language learning endeavors. Invaluable skills such as software proficiency, foreign languages and coding can all be learned online — and will make your application stand out to universities and employers. One of the best website-oriented free certifications is the WordPress Academy program. This 30-day certification program will introduce you to WordPress if you’re new to website management. Or it can enhance your skills if you’re already an intermediate or advanced WordPress user.


So, it is vital to learn some fundamentals of the language. You don’t need to learn it at an advanced level to enter the job market. In the era of the contemporary world, most of the customers today interact with different brands and companies through social media. Therefore, learning the social dynamics of social media marketing has become very significant. SMM also teaches you how to take your company to heights. Certifications have additional benefits outside the job search, as well.

what online courses in it look the best on a resume

Especially if you can work on these projects on the side in your own time. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional online networking platforms, so it would be sensible to offer on-the-job learning via their online platform. The service enables business and career professionals to hone their skills and expand their knowledge at a self-directed pace. To get true recognition for an HR certification, you can consider a certificate from eCornell Online. The HR program from eCornell online offers several different certifications in HR, including HR Management and Strategic HR Leadership.